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I want to make this Lent Amazing. I need to let go of shame, worry, and fear, and dive deep into my relationship with Christ. Amazing Lent is how I can reactivate my faith and become a better human in all aspects of my life! This Lent is going to be Amazing!

Space for this program is limited.  Once our list is full, you'll have to wait until next year.
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From The Desk Of Justin Fatica
Looking at the world around us, we need to reactivate our faith like never before. By joining us for Amazing Lent, your faith will not only be reactivated, but you'll learn how to be human again after a year that filled many lives with monotony and complacency.

This is an opportunity that you will not want to miss. Remember, You're Amazing - and so is Lent!
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  • Reactivate faith and bring hope
  • Tools to connect your humanity to the Divine
  • Daily dynamic content including reflections, videos, and podcasts 
One LENT To Change Your Life

Leading Catholic Voices Will Guide You Through The Next 40 Days...

Meet Bishop Frank Caggiano
Bishop of Bridgeport, CT
  • Episcopal Advisor for Hard as Nails
  • Previously served as the Episcopal Advisor of NFCYM
  • Serves on four different committees with the USCCB
Meet Fr. Larry Richards
Pastor, Speaker, Author
  • Founder and President of The Reason for Our Hope Foundation
  • Author of two books
  • Hosts a weekly radio show on EWTN
Meet Mark Hart
Speaker and Author
  • Executive Vice President and CIO of Lifeteen International
  • Best-selling and award-winning author
  • Author and coauthor of over two dozen books
Meet Ken Blanchard
Renowned Speaker, Author, and Consultant
  • Co-Founder and Spiritual Officer of The Ken Blanchard Companies
  • Author and coauthor of over 60 books
  • Ranked in Amazons Top 25 Best Authors of All Time
Meet Brian Greenfield
Co-Founder, Hard as Nails
  • Speaker, Campus Minister, Teacher
  • Former Postulant with Franciscan Friars of the Renewal
  • Has spoken to thousands of youth and young adults at NCYC, Steubenville Conferences, and more
Now's The Time, You're The One.
God and our world need your heart transformed.

Over the past year, have you...

  • Struggled to connect to your faith?
  • ​Focused more on yourself instead of others?
  • ​Buried yourself in social media, drinking, drugs, or porn?
  • ​Felt lonely during this pandemic?
  • Not felt close to God in a long time?
This is your defining moment.
The decision is NOW.
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